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About Plagiarism Checker

What Is Plagiarism Checker?

If you have been looking for a tool that will help you detect if the content you are searching for has been plagiarised or not, then it is about time that you used our amazing plagiarism checker. This outstanding application will make sure that no word is left missing, when it comes to checking for the plagiarised content, as it has been programmed to help the hard working writers and students, who work day and night researching over the internet, and need to rewrite the entire content to make sure that it is completely original. Now you absolutely do not have to waste your time by panicking and looking for plagiarism on your own, which takes hours and at the end of the day, does not get your work done.

How it Works

The plagiarism software works by the help of a specific program that has been designed to automatically scan your search along with all the links of the websites over the entire internet and giving the results in a blink of an eye. The tool shows the comparison of the two sources and tell you if and how much the content is exactly plagiarised. Once you know if your desired search is not original, then you can also check the report showing a review of your content, which marks the exact parts which have been plagiarised. You can also check the links where the phrase or article has been taken from.

How to use

Accessing the plagiarism detector tool is as easy as learning the ABC. Even if you do not know how to use the computer or the internet, it is no problem at all, as now all you need to do is type the sentence or paragraph that you wish to check the plagiarism for, and within a second you will see the results. The first step is to see the colour which shows in either green or red. The green colour indicates that your content has cleared, whereas the red colour indicates that it is plagiarised. You can also see the percentage of the plagiarised content, which makes it even easier for the user, in case they wish to edit or rewrite it. The best thing about using this one of a kind plagiarism checker tool is that you can find the exact source where the content has been stolen from.